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​Elegant and sustainable accessory handmade from cork fabric. The compact design offers a stylish solution for carrying everyday necessities in any urban environment. Designed for those who appreciate an ecological solution in a stylish coat.

​The compact dimensions of the handbag provide an elegant and, above all, ecological answer to the increasing demands of sustainability.

Luxury handbags from the Heda series with durable cork material are a gem that combines elegance, sustainability and exceptionality.

A series of handbags carefully made from two layers of luxurious cork fabric with an emphasis on durability.

Compact handbags from the Heda series are synonymous with sophistication and practicality. Whether you are going to a meeting, to a cafe or for a walk, a compact handbag from the Heda series will be your faithful companion. Great design, practicality and luxurious material are thus combined into one.
Discover the spacious elegance of the latest addition to the Heda collection – this elegant green handbag is not only a fashion statement, but also an everyday neccesity for those who want functionality without compromising on style. With meticulous attention to detail, this handbag is designed to hold all your daily essentials.


Dimension designed for the needs of everyday hustle, it reliably accommodates all essentials.


The outer and inner layer of cork fabric offers sufficient resistance to abrasion and water.

Discover the perfect combination of style and durability with our cork handbags from the Heda range. Crafted from the best nature has to offer, they boast remarkable resistance to both abrasion and water, ensuring they stay intact throughout all your adventures. Elevate your fashion game while staying eco-friendly with our chic and sustainable handbags.
Elevate your style with our cork Heda handbags with a comfortable wide shoulder strap. Experience incomparable comfort without compromise. Our handbags are made with sustainability in mind, combining eco-friendly materials with luxurious design.


Following the model of the Karla series, this handbag also has a wider belt for comfortable all-day wear.


A convenient side pocket is hidden in the interior of the handbag, for better accessibility of small items.

Stay effortlessly organized on the go with our Heda range of cork handbags with a carefully designed interior and convenient side pocket. Our handbags are ideal for keeping your essentials always close at hand.


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